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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Primavera - Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

1 Ferry Plaza
Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market
San Francisco, CA 94101

While finishing our first visit to the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, we walked by several food stands and a couple grabbed our attention. One was RoliRoti Gormet Rotisserie; however, the line was 50 yards long so there was not a chance in hell I was waiting. We walked a little further and noticed Primavera Mexican. The food coming out was vibrant, but the line was only slightly shorter than RoliRoti. My girlfriend convinced me to wait and thank god we did.

$3.75 Chi Chi Rodriques - Ginger Peach Tea (6)
Refreshing, but I still prefer the unsweetened version at Nordstrom Cafe.

$9.50 Chilaquiles Verdes (9)
Green chilaquiles with a sauce of chile poblano-tomatillo, sour cream, avocado, onion, cilantro and cojito cheese.  Holy shit, I've been looking for Mexican food like this for years. The key to the chilaquiles was having a thick chip to hold up to the salsa. It was topped off with a light cream and the ripest, meatiest avocado in recent memory.  This was an eye-opening dish. The fluffy eggs that accompanied the chilaquiles on the side wasn't a bad addition either. The only reason I didn't give it a ten was because I still prefer Bobby Flay's elevated perfection on this traditional dish.

$9.50 Chile Relleno de Elote con Crema (9)
Roasted poblano stuffed with cream, cheese and white corn, cherry tomato salsa
The soul of this dish was the creamy corn, which was perfectly complemented with light cherry tomatoes and fresh tortillas. We also enjoyed their house salsa with hearty slivers of roasted tomatoes.

This experience made us question the Mexican food back home for a moment. I thought LA was supposed to be the American capital for Mexican food. We'll have to try another spot on our next trip to San Francisco.

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