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Friday, March 20, 2009


Various locations
Los Angeles, CA
(714) 697-4683

Kogi, the cult-followed food truck, got its break by handing out free samples to bouncers and receiving press from local food bloggers. It's largely the cause of the uber-specialized lonchera surge in Los Angeles.

A good way to skip the line is to find it outside a club before the drunks stumble out after last call. I caught it at about 10PM in West LA on a Friday night and there was no line. I got one of everything to see what all the hype was about.

$5 Kimchi Quesadilla (3)
By definition a quesadilla should be dominated by cheese. This was not and I'm positive, not even Heston Blumenthal could convince me that kimchi and tortilla chemically belong together. The flavor combination just didn't work for me.

$2 Korean Short Rib Taco (8), Spicy BBQ Chicken (7), Spicy Pork (7), Tofu (6)
As far as taste and flavor goes, the short rib taco hit a perfect 10, the downside I saw was how fattening and greasy all the tacos were. It made perfect sense why they got a strong following outside bars and clubs. That was the first thing I thought when I ate one, this would be perfect after a night out drinking. It reminds me of when I read LA Times review of Animal and she dinged them big-time because the fat content in the food. The difference being that Animal, doesn't solely rely on fat for its flavoring. Chef Choi may want to think about testing a pure butter burrito, wait they kind of already have that.

I'm glad I tried it once, but I wouldn't return until their flavors rely less on grease. I do think they deserve some major kudos for inspiring all these other creative food trucks.