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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dynamo Donuts and Coffee

2760 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 920-1978

Prior to coming to San Francisco, I posted on Chowhound requesting recommended dishes at Koi Palace and I mentioned we were going to The French Laundry later than night for dinner. A few people replied back that's too much food to have in one day. They would have thought I was crazy if I mentioned my girlfriend and I were splitting nine doughnuts and two desserts as a morning refresher at Dynamo. But that was exactly the game plan.

The line at 8:59AM

(The crew hard at work)

(The daily selection)

Overall, I liked the doughnuts. But a clear second to some recent experiences I've had at Bob's Doughnut in Los Angeles. Bob's has a fresh baked dough taste and the glaze impales within the doughnut's crevasses. Rather than walk through all the dishes, I listed the doughnuts in order of preference with some highlights.

The goods (in order of preference)

$2.50 Spiced Chocolate (8)

$2 Caramel de Sel (8)

$3 Chocolate Hazelnut Rose Geranium (7)

$2.50 Chocolate Star Anise (7)

$3 Passion fruit Milk Chocolate (7)

$2 Apricot Cardamom (6)

$3 Sticky Bun (6)

$3 Donut Bread Pudding (6)

$3 Strawberry Earl Grey (6)

$2 Vanilla Bean (6)

$3 Maple Glazed Bacon Apple (5)

After trying the entire inventory of doughnuts, how could one feel unfulfilled or empty? Well, it would have been nice to try at least one filled doughnut. A quota for future daily menu designs? Perhaps, but I'll have to stop in some time for a Banana de Leche or a Lemon Sichuan.

Note: No doughnuts were harmed in the making of this blog post. My girlfriend and I each tried a quarter of a doughnut and gave the other half to a homeless guy.

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