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Friday, June 30, 2006

Gray's Papaya

402 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 260-3532

Who cares how good the hot dog is, The real question is, "Is it better than Pink's?"

I had a co-worker from New York claim Gray's was superior to Pinks. I've been outside a club at 2AM ordering a bacon wrapped hot dog overhearing a Yankee talk about how much he misses Grays. New Yorkers are better everything. They have better restaurants, education, and a subway system. We can't even figure out something as simple as pizza. Can we at least get hot dogs. It's not even real food. It's almost there, but it's still a closer relative to dog food in its appearance.

$2 Papaya Juice (6)
Refreshing, but nothing special. It's what you would expect from fast food.

$.50 Hot Dog (8)
50 cents? I thought I visited during an anniversary sale, but this was the regular price. Is it better than Pink's? No. The meat at Gray's is better, but that's about it. The dog is smaller, the bread is not as soft, the menu is inferior, and don't get me started with the marinated onion vomit they put on top. But this is the bigger issue I have with Gray's, when you go to LA, there is one Pink's (yes, they are expanding, but ignore that for now). Go to La Brea and Melrose and look for the line. In NYC, there are at last count 42,896 Gray's and variations thereof. There is Papaya King, Papaya Queen, Honeydew Jack, Red's Papaya, Green's Papaya, and Chelsea's home to Rainbow Papaya.


  1. LilGirlEatsTheWorldSeptember 5, 2009 at 9:00 PM

    LOL! I guess I'm that coworker from you stated in your blog...the hot dog quality itself is better than pinks :) and that's just what I'm pointing out, the dog itself is superior. Pinks has a great concept for all the variations of course but some of those concoctions are definitely misses and not hits...if you ever go to Vancouver, try Japa Dog, pretty good tasting, more sausages than hot dogs. We also have a Korean hot dog place called New York Hot Dog company that has bulgogi on their dogs, also quite yummy and different. I haven't tried yet but plan to try crif dogs, sounds like a pinks but with less choices :) I'll let u know how that place is.

  2. LilGirlEatsTheWorldSeptember 5, 2009 at 9:03 PM

    Sorry typo, the Korean hot dog place is called New York Hot Dog & Coffee :p