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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wingfield's Breakfast and Burgers

2615 S Beckley Ave
Dallas, TX 75224
(214) 943-5214

It was our first day in Texas, we woke up early and raced three miles, loser paid for dinner at Pappas Bros later that night. We got dressed and headed out for our first meal, a light snack at Wingfield's. I first read about Wingfield's on Chowhound. I was frequently mentioned on the Top 10 dishes to try in Dallas. It was awarded Best Burger by the Dallas Observer in 2009 and on their 100 Favorite Dishes, landing at #67.

We had just tried a few burgers back in Los Angeles and we eager to try the Lonestar state's offerings. Wingfield's was in a rougher part of town and we called ahead to get our order started. At 11AM, it took 20 minutes to prepare a bacon cheeseburger.

Once inside, there is limited room, so we got our burger to go and ate it in the car. The patty was huge, but lacked flavor and was substantially overcooked. The bacon matched the patty in size and in flavor. No sweet bacon grizzle flavor was present. The whole thing is a mess and I can see why people suggest bringing your own napkins as none were provided. I think Wingfield's survives on a local following craving their portions, rather than good quality meat.

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