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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fleet Landing Restaurant

186 Concord Street
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 722-8100
After four days of overindulging in BBQ and Southern meals, we opted for some fresh seafood at the conclusion of our trip. We had not researched Charleston as much as we would have liked, but we still had a few options laid out for seafood and Fleet Landing was opened for Sunday lunch, so it climbed to the top of our list. One of the few places with its own parking in downtown Charleston, Fleet Landing is a former naval building and although not tested on our visit, is hurricane proof. Set on the Charleston pier, we settled on a table overlooking the water.

$9 Half Dozen Chilled Oysters on the Half Shell (3)
Nothing special here, basic oysters served with crackers, lemon, and cocktail sauce. If school cafeterias served oysters, I'd imagine they would taste like the dish I had here. I was reading a Lee Bros. cookbook when I got back to L.A. and there was a recipe for a Sriracha buttermilk dipping sauce. Something along these lines would take this dish from the 1980's to the millennium in a heartbeat.

$13 Peel N' Eat Old Bay Spiced Shrimp-Chilled (5)
A little better than the oysters as these were seasoned with Old Bay. Old Bay is known to help seafood everywhere reach its full flavor potential and that's why I gave it a five.

$10 Bucket of Steamed Oysters (7)
More southern ketchup, can't wait. With the accouterments becoming beyond repetitive, a unique dish, like this one, was needed to get past this shortcoming. I eat seafood all the time, I grew up on seafood, I was born in the Carolinas, yet I've never had oysters in clusters. Shuck one oyster, flip it over, shuck another, turn it to the side, shuck another, and so on. There had of been 80 oysters in this bucket, albeit small subpar quality. Still the clusters were refreshing and was kind of cool to continue searching for every hidden mollusk.

$9 Fried Green Tomato “BLT” (7)
I enjoyed the Southern play on the traditional BLT sandwich with the substitution of a fried green tomato. And if that wasn't enough, there's applewood smoked bacon, gouda, and a roasted red pepper remoulade on foccacia. The highlight of the dish was a perfectly crisp fried tomato with the remoulade. The only flaw was getting short changed on the bacon.

Overall, not a bad meal, but I would assume Charleston has better and more innovative seafood than Fleet Landing. If it's not already, I'd imagine this place will became a tourist trap in the near future.

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