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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yuri Japanese Truck (Closed)

Various locations
Los Angeles, CA

They had a location in the heart of Melrose and closed up shop. Then they had a truck, but neither of their websites are working. So, it looks like the its the first of the food truck failures.

$7 Tilapia Bowl (8)
Talking with the chef, he got his hands on some fresh tilapia in downtown the same morning and decided to serve it in a rice bowl with some greens. It's dishes like this that remind me how simple preparation on seafood is so approriate. It was lightly grilled with salt, pepper, and finished off with lime. It was better than some restaurants preparation of seafood.

$4 Tuna Crunch Roll (2)
I wasn't expecting much from this dish and it still disappointed. It was just so oil from the crunch, it even seeped into the tuna.

$2 Green Tea with Yuzu (8)
They basically take brewed tea and add a tablespoon of yuzu marmalade that you can find at Asian markets. It was simple, but was quite refreshing and my girlfriend oved the drink so much I actually went and got a jar of the marmalade to use at home.

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